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TAMERA MYRA (SHAMBLIN) SWEARINGEN, 59, of Rogue River, passed away on February 9, 2017. Tamera was born to Earl and Iris Shamblin at Tongue Point Navel Hospital in Astoria, Oregon on November 27, 1957.
She attended Rogue River schools after the family moved to town in 1970. On March 30, 1978, she married Larry Milton Swearingen, Jr. in Reno, Nevada. They had four children and 14 grandchildren together. There will be a grave-side service at Woodville Cemetery in Rogue River on Saturday, February 18, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. Hull & Hull Funeral Directors are in in charge of the arrangements.


CAESER THANE CARO, 59, passed away on January 24, 2017. Born January 13, 1958, Thane came into the world with a genius I.Q. (he could read before the age of two). He had an adventurous spirit and love of life. He loved travel and new experiences. He was a Marine Biologist for a lab in Re-dondo Beach, California for many years. Thane had many challenges in his life. Type 1 Diabetes at age 12. Kidney Failure at age 38. Dialysis and brain hemmorage at age 38. Kidney and Pancreas transplants at age 41, all of which he met with courage and tenacity. He is survived by his mother, Ruth Caro, a former real estate broker of Rogue River; father, Arthur Caro of Redondo Beach, California; sister, Heather Caro and niece, Sydney of Ashland, Oregon; brother, Damon Caro and his wife, Jena, daughters, Ariel and Sofia, and sons, Marley and Miles all of Redondo Beach, California; brother, Stefan Caro and his wife, Karin, along with their daughter, Jordyn of Lucas, Texas; and Aunt, Lois Perry of Rogue River, Oregon. He is very much loved and greatly missed









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