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JOHN WILLIAM BRYSON, generally known as “Bill,” was born February 5, 1934, in Ojai, California. After a very colorful life, he passed away on February 26, 2018, at the age of 84. He grew up in an era when boys had the freedom to explore and dream. He had a horse and rifle and spent time in the mountains on his own from a young age in Ojai. His first adventure to Oregon came at the age of 12 when he left home in Ojai by hopping on a bus headed north. He settled in Gold Beach and lived with an Indian family. Ruel Hawkin’s and his mother, Angie. Ruel hauled supplies up the Rogue River and was known for working with Glen Woolridge blasting the Rogue River to open channels for boats to get from Grants Pass to Gold Beach. After two years, he ventured home to Ojai and completed high school.
He loved Oregon and in 1962 returned with his wife, Beverly and his three sons. Settling in Wimer where he stayed for the next 12 years running the Oregon Forestry’s guard station on Pleasant Creek Road. He loved being a firefighter. He went on to hold a wide variety of jobs and had experience in many areas. From logging to dealing art. He loved Corvettes and English motorcycles and always had a dog. Well know was Taz, a black and white Jack Russell terrier, who rode on the back of Bills Triumph motorcycle, wearing goggles in Rogue River. He had many friends. He had a kind heart and was always helping someone. His presence will be missed in Rogue River. People he barely knew, often would say, “Hi, Bill!” as we walked by.
He is survived by his three sons: Jeff Hurd, Harold Hurd, and Ron Hurd, and one daughter, Holly.


REX E. OLDS, 81, a long-time resident of Gold Hill, passed away March 25, 2018, after an extended illness. Rex could be seen at thrift stores, Rogue River Community Center, and at Shari’s Restaurant in Central Point if you got there at 5 a.m. every day. He was an honest, dependable, and loyal friend. His friend, Carol Olds and many others will miss him. He was laid to rest at Eagle Point National Cemetery on April 4, 2018 Peace to you, Rex.



























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