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Depth Beyond Their Years

Approaching the rim of the deepest lake in the United States fifth grade teacher Jon Buckley poses the question to his class, “How far across do you think it is?” Answers range from one mile to ten miles. The conversation flows from length to depth. Before answering, Crater Lake Na-tional Park Ranger Tom informs them that not only is it the deepest lake in the United States, it is also the ninth deepest lake in the world. From amongst airborne clumps of snow chimes a modest but earnest voice, “How deep is it?” Ranger Tom informs them that the lake is nearly half of a mile deep, and over six miles across at its widest point. For these intrepid fifth graders, the day had begun early, arriving at school before seven o’clock in time to eat breakfast and prepare to board the bus. Once aboard, the trip would lead east, and north and east again for 90 miles, tracing the river for which their hometown is named. The (Subscribe for full story)


Palmerton Park Concerns

Concerned about issues allegedly happening at Palmerton Park, a group of people will address the Rogue River city council this Thursday. It all started when Missie Ellsworth Bowers posted on social media about a recent trip she and her family made to Palmerton Park. Some things reportedly happened that left her upset and she wanted to know if others had had similar incidents as well. "There were a bunch of kids hanging out there when we arrived," Bowers said. "I can understand that young people need a place to be with their friends and have fun. But, the problem was their language and behavior. They were loud and said some very offensive things and were rude to anyone who confronted them. And, I saw a girl wearing a very revealing bikini, I mean it was like a thong. A teenage girl shouldn't wear something like that in public. At that age, I wouldn't, and I won't let a daughter of mine ever wear (Subscribe for full story)


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