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Susan Monica Fighting Her Conviction

In April of 2015, Monica was found guilty of murder, corpse abuse, and identity theft after bodies of two men were found on her Wimer property. Throughout her trial, Monica was combative with her defense attorneys and even attempted to represent herself. In media accounts, she claimed that she didn't receive fair representation during the trial. Her attorney Christine Herbert was often a focus of her ire. She was sentenced to 50 years for those crimes and is currently at the Coffee Creek correctional facility near Wilsonville. Senior Deputy District Attorney Allan Smith, Jackson Co. DA's Office, confirmed that Monica had filed for a post-trial conviction motion. "I know that she had a hearing on Aug. 20," he said. "Another one is scheduled (Subscribe for full story)


CANCELED Ride The Rogue 2019

Concern for potentially not being able to adequately produce key support staff and the departure of an event co-ordinator led to 2019 Ride The Rogue cycling event being canceled last week. The event, a great showcase of the local area, particularly the Rogue River Greenway, was set for Sat., Sept. 21. Ride The Rogue is the sole fund-raising effort for the Rogue River Green-way Foundation, which has been working to create a multi-use trail, for walking and biking, from Grants Pass to Ashland since 2016. The event usually offers rides through the area of different lengths and, last year had incorporated a mountain bike ride on the Mountain of the Rogue trail east of Rogue (Subscribe for full story)


Cougars Killed After Attacks

Cougars are prowling the Wimer area again. Last week, area resident Melissa Bryanne Mendick posted on social media that she had lost a pair of ducks when two mountain lion cubs attacked on Sept. 2. Her partner, Brad Maxey, shot and killed the cubs. Then, on Wednesday, Maxey shot and killed another cub after it attacked two goats. Maxey said the Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife knew about both incidents."Oregon State Police Fish and Game officers were contacted; the ODFW," Maxey said. "We were told we had the right to defend ourselves and that's what we did both times." Mendick later posted pictures of the dead cubs on Facebook. Maxey said they wanted people to know that "the cougars were no longer a threat." His neighbors, he felt, needed to know."Some wonder why we didn't scare off the cougars with bright lights and loud noises. We have motion sensors and lights," he said. "But, both times, these things attacked during day-light. I had to do something." Maxey also skinned them. (Subscribe for full story)



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