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'Bad' Phoenix Good At Crow Contest

On the barnyard, Phoenix is not the nicest of roosters, but in the cage before a gathering of onlookers at the Rogue River Rooster Crow Arena, he was a prince. Phoenix, a year-old Americana rooster, was consistent and outlasted two worthy challengers to win the 65th annual National Rooster Crowing Championship on Sat., June 30. Phoenix, and his owners Dusty and Adam Hauber and their daughters, twins Madison and Mika, and Savanah won the top prize of$150, besting 18 other roosters in the field this year. Phoenix's two chal-lengers, Carson, the 2017 champion belonging to (Subscribe for full story)


Same Small Town Parade

There was a bit of a new sound, and a new look, but the Rogue River Rooster Crow Parade was still the same small-town parade still favored after all these years. The parade featured the first marching band in many years, with Phoenix High School's band appearing on the parade route on Main Street from the Rogue River Shopping Center. The Pirate band had the distinction of being named the top marching unit at the parade.
For the second year in a row, judging for the parade was done at its staging area at the Rogue River Shopping Center. That made judges' (Subscribe for full story)


Health Clinic, Day Care, And Coffee

A mock-up of a proposal to create a health clinic in the local area as part of a job application appeared to include all the information a local health care provider needed to know about Rogue River to invest in an effort to create a local clinic. Heather Friend, a nurse who applied for, and was offered, a job at La Clinica, wrote the mock proposal with enough information on the community that it impressed the non-profit community health center. It also saved Jamie Wright a lot of work in its dealing with La Clinica in the Rogue River Parent Advisory Committee's effort to bring a health clinic and early child-hood center to Rogue River. "Last time I talked to La Clinica, they said, 'Hey we're (Subscribe for full story)


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