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The 4th of July weekend is nearing and all of us at 
the Rogue River Press are all excited about the 
festivities. The Rogue River Press office at 8991 
Rogue River Hwy will be closed Friday in observance 
of Independence Day. If you need to leave us a message
please call 541-581-1707. We will be open Monday at 
the regular business hours 9am-5pm. Enjoy the fun 
packed weekend and be safe.


Rooster Crow Celebration Heat, Absent Vendors

1Above-normal, triple-digit temperatures, and the absence of a few key vendors, seemed to make the 62nd annual Rooster Crow Festival a more low-key affair than in past years. "I thought it was good,"Rogue River City Council-man Shelli Spencer, who co-ordinated this year's event, said. "The attendance was down because of the heat,I"m sure, but I heard more positive comments than (Subscribe for full story)


Crow-Darr Beats Slim Field in National Crowing Contest

2In what had to be a record-low in terms of the number of roosters and total number of times the baker's dozen crowed, the rooster with two top-five appearances dominated the competition in the 62nd National Rooster Crow Championship on Sat., June 27. Crow-Darr, a game rooster at least 10 years old,crowed 52 times, a full 28times more than the rest ofthe 13-rooster field. Christian Darr, 12, who just finished sixth grade at Rogue River Elementary School, and his cousin Raini, 13, who is visiting from Odessa, Texas, walked away with the $150 top prize. Crow-Darr finished second in last year's competition, beaten by Brandon Kennish's Ben by just one crow. This time, it was all Crow-Darr's, beating Runt, abantam rooster owned by Toby and Jenny Garcia of White City. The runner-up with 21 crows, took home $50. "It feels good to finish (Subscribe for full story)




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