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Century Old Redwood Taken Down

One of Palmerton Park's century-old redwood trees was taken down last week. It was something that had to be done, Don Moody said. Aside from being the Tree City chairman, he has been the park’s de facto caretaker. Palmerton Park is an arboretum with nearly a hundred distinct tree specimens from all over the world: Japanese pines, Mediterranean cedars, and large coastal redwoods native to Southern Oregon and Northern California. Maples, monkey-puzzle, sassafras, ginkgo, tulip, and mimosa can be found in the park, as well as azaleas, rhododen (Subscribe for full story)


RR Woman Charged With Attempted Murder

A Rogue River woman was arraigned late Monday on attempted murder in the first-degree charges in an incident that left a child hospitalized. Kyla Kathleen Duncan, 49, was arrested Feb. 8 on two felony counts of attempted murder after allegedly attempting to poison herself and a child in with carbon monoxide, according to Jackson County Sheriff's Office release. The child was later released to family members Friday after receiving treatment at an area hospital. According to a press release, sometime after 10 a.m. Friday, the JCSO received a 911 call via Emergency Communications of Southern Oregon alerting deputies of a woman who was seen in a vehicle (Subscribe for full story)


Yes On New Watershed Council

Watershed stakeholders voted to form a new council last week instead of joining the Rogue River watershed council. According to Shayne Maxwell, a stakeholder, and former Seven Basins Watershed Council board member, over 101 votes were cast for forming a new group, and 15 wanted to join with Rogue River."It was democracy in action," she said. "This is what the people want, and they will get it." Last fall, SBWC stake-holders faced the possible loss of their own council in some cases, without the stakeholders’ knowledge or consent. In past interviews, Maxwell said she felt the SBWC was being dissolved due to lack of membership and funding being pulled by the Oregon Water Enhancement Board (OWEB) and others. Along with Kent Knock, another concerned stakeholder and board member, both raised awareness about concerns around the (Subscribe for full story)








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