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Sams Valley Mini-Marathon

All the Fun-Size Snickers and Reese's handed out on Halloween Night could have bought a better day in terms of weather or excitement for the 46th annual Sams Valley Mini-Marathon. The Sams Valley Mini-Marathon is the 3.2-mile race through the backroads around Sams Valley Ele-mentary School, for all of the nearly 800 fourth and fifth-grade students at the five el-ementary schools in the Central Point School District. The tradition, an every-Halloween occasion since 1974, returned to Halloween this year after being held on the following Friday last year due to bus scheduling. Reece Hvall, a fifth-grader who was the overall winner, led Central Point Elementary to its third straight title. The team scores are tabulated, traditional cross-country style, with the top five finishers, male or female, creating the score. Central Point won with a minuscule score of 23 points, with five of the top 10 (Subscribe for full story)


Rogue River Press Trick Or Treat On Main Street

The 12th Annual Trick or Treat on Main Street, started by the Rogue River Press in Rogue River, Oregon, was a complete success. Businesses were visited by costumed adults and children while handing out candy and other treats along the business corridor in Rogue River. Using maps that were in the Rogue River Press for two weeks, the costumed goers were able to find businesses that were a part of the event easily. The child-safe event is yearly, and as the event tries to work with school and parents, they plan the event alongside a school day."Parents need a safe place to take their children for Halloween. This is not only safe but also helps businesses meet the community, and the adults get to meet business owners," said Rogue River Press (Subscribe for full story)



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