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Upgrades, Additions, And Changes

Nearly a month into the job, Chief Chris Snyder has been making changes at the Rogue River Police Dept. Since taking over after Chief Ken Lewis retired last month, Snyder said he has been busy with the transition period and making upgrades to the depart-ment. “The first couple of weeks, it was crazy I was moving into the office and at the same time new phone and computer systems were installed. Well, ‘crazy’ was an understatement with all of that going on at the same time. However, the upgrades had to be done, and they were long overdue." Along with the com-puter and phone (Subscribe for full story)


Art Takes To The Streets Of Rogue River

Locals and tourists alike gathered on Depot Street last Sun-day, September 25th, to enjoy a lively day of music, poetry readings, arts and crafts vendors, a raffle, a 50/50 pot and a whole pile of stuff for the young crowd. Cattlemen’s Saloon hosted the event, which benefits the Rogue River Mural Society and their fabulous, up-coming super-secret surprise piece of art for the City. Jinny Neiswanger, one of the owners of Cattlemen’s, said they “raised a good amount of money for the Mural Society, and are looking forward to this becoming a solid, recurring fall event.” Children attending the event were treated to a variety of activities, from balloon art to mask making, face (Subscribe for full story)


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