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RRPD Chief Recovering After Near-Fatal Heart Attack

Nearly two weeks after having a heart attack, Rogue River Police Deparment’s (RRPD) Chief Ken Lewis is home, resting and recuperating. According to Lewis, on March 14, he was in his garage, working on a project when he started having chest pains. At first, he shrugged it off and kept working. However,the pains continued and he was now sweating heavily. “I had a feeling of what was going on,” Lewis said. “However, I told myself that this project was the last thing I was going to do then I was going to finish it.” Lewis finished the project but, as he tried to clean things up, that proved to be difficult. He went inside the house, cleaned up and laid down. “A few nights earlier, I woke up with chest pains,” he said. “I took an aspirin and it went away. But, this time it didn’t. I knew that I was in trouble.” Lewis said he decided to have someone drive him to the (Subscribe for full story)


Seed Exchange Unites Local Farmers, Buyers

Last Sunday saw Ashland hosting a seed exchange, one that drew many people from across the Rogue Valley. According to participant and local farmer Chris Harding, seed swaps are events where gardeners meet to exchange seeds. Swapping can be arranged online or by mail, especially when participants are spread out geographically. Swap meet events, where growers meet and exchange their excess seeds in person, are also growing in popularity. In part, this is due to increased interest in organic gardening and heritage orheirloom plant varietals. “Seed swaps also help consumers who, due to increases in the cost of living or cut down on expenditures, wish to grow their own food,”said Harding. Some events are organized as part of an educational effort, where visitors are taught gardening and growing skills and how to preserve an area's cultural heritage and biodiversity. At the Ashland seed exchange, which was held at the old Ashland Armory, there were a number of booths and kiosks, staffed by various groups who focusedon local organic farming, bee-keeping, special seeds forsale and educational readingmaterials. Also on hand were (Subscribe for full story)








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