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A Passion For Preserving The Past

History is alive and well at Woodville Museum. With a mission to pre-serve the past, board mem-bers diligently safeguard the thousands of artifacts housed there. Each bit of vintage clothing, furniture, glassware, china, kitchen-ware, blacksmith, and wheelwright tools represents a bygone era. The dozens of photographs lining the walls show the progression of a sleepy little burg first known as Tailholt Crossing, then Woodville circa 1870, into a bustling township known as Rogue River in 1912. For more than a year, however, the museum's doors were closed due to restrictions in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. This summer, volunteers were finally able to get into the Vic-torian-era two-story house, dust off the relics, and once (Subscribe for full story)


GH Historical Society Hopes to Strike Gold

The Gold Hill Museum is closed during the month of September while Gold Hill Historical Society mem-bers work behind the scenes creating the annual haunted house. The Octo-ber event is a major fund-raiser for efforts to preserve nuggets of Gold Hill’s his-tory and maintain priceless artifacts from the “golden age.” For the past decade, the history devotees have envisioned visitors with brochure in hand enjoying self-guided tours of the col-lection of mining equipment (Subscribe for full story)






RRJSHS Starts School Year

After getting to enjoy an extra eight days of summer, students at Rogue River Junior-Senior High School fi-nally got their first day of school, on the traditional first day of school, the day after Labor Day, Tues., Sept. 7. After the first day of school for grades 7 through 12, on Mon., Aug. 30, was canceled following the COVID-19-based quaran-tines to several vital mem-bers, teachers, and support staff, the district staff had to do a little scrambling to make sure it could get started the first Tuesday in September. The extra week has allowed for some important cross-training of staff, so if we get a quarantine of our staff similar to last weekend, we should be able to fill in and keep things runnings," District Superintendent Patrick Lee said on Fri., Sept. 3. "As of right now, we are expecting a full and regular launch on Tuesday. Of course, we expected that last week, too." (Subscribe for full story)




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