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Rooster Crow Parade Comes Out To Crow

The Spirit of America and a 'return to normal" was on display on Saturday morning of Rooster Crow Festival Weekend, when the City of Rogue River was encouraged to "Get Out And Crow!" The Rooster Crow Parade was an easing-in, after three years, of gathering together to celebrate, shop, eat and maybe get a little wet on the first day of Rooster Crow. There were 31 entries, all registering in advance, making up a parade that ran about 40 minutes, on par with 2019, the most recent Rooster Crow Parade. There were some no-table absences, like the River Belles, Rogue River's Red Hat Society, and the (Subscribe for full story)


Fire Engulfs House, Starts Acre Wildfire

An intense fire at a hill-side residence in the north-east part of Rogue River became the first of the fire season to create concern on a wildfire level as well as in its residential area. No injuries were reported, with no official cause reported, either, in a structure fire at 431 Nugget Drive on Tues., June 28. The report came just after 3:30 p.m. when a thick plume of black smoke began to rise. Jackson County Fire District No. 1 Chief Mike Hammond said that it ex-tended behind the house about an acre as well as being fully involved. As well as engines and personnel from five different regional fire departments, the Oregon Department of Forestry was on the scene, with a helicopter circling the area. (Subscribe for full story)


Rev-Rev-Rooster: Cars Come Out To Show

If they could brave the hot weather through the weekend, people attending the Rooster Crow Car Show on Sun., June 26, we're treated to one of the area's best collective talents, auto restoration. Car enthusiasts from all over Southern Oregon lined their vehicles up on Pine Street, which was closed off, from its corner with Main Street to the southern edge of the Rogue River Elementary School east campus. A little more laid back from Saturday's parade and crowing contest crowds, people were free to meander (Subscribe for full story)






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