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Rooster Park Making Progress

While both Rogue River city staff and the National Guard company in Rogue River had been in a scramble trying to get tasks done at the new Rooster Park, with building materials and items for the park arriving at a trickle, the end of last week was a success. City Administrator Mark Reagles said he met with Sgt. Peter Schuldt, from the 176th Engineer Company, the National Guard company from Snohomish, Wash., that has been in Rogue River since July 8 to work on Rooster Park, before he returned to City Hall for that night's city council meeting."It was a good day," he said. "We've had a lot of bad days, just because of the (Subscribe for full story)


RRFD Becomes JC Fire District No. 1

Chief Mike Hammond insists the name by which Rogue River's fire department plans to go by is not a new name."It's not really a name change," he said of the new title, Jackson County Fire District No. 1. "It's always been that. It's not a change. It's just something that has always been there." Colloquially called the Rogue River Fire District, its full name has been Rogue River Rural Fire Protection District. The name change was announced on Facebook on Sat., July 17. Hammond (Subscribe for full story)


Funds Sought For Fire Alert System

Francis Gilbert, the chair-man of the Rogue River City Council Citizens Advisory Committee, said he had recent conversations with two major players in the area, Ann Marie Alfrey, the Executive Director of the Rogue Valley Council of Governments, and State Representative Duane Stark, at the Thurs., July 22, city council meeting. With Alfrey, the Alert Wildfire topic, the alert system that uses cameras to help coordinate evacuation efforts.
With Stark, who represents Rogue River in the Oregon House of Representatives, the topic was a project that has seemed to take on new life in the last two months, with a reported $3 million approval."That money is not going to be available until 2023 when lottery fund bonds are approved," Gilbert said. "That's good, actually, because when I talked to (Subscribe for full story)




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