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Rockin’ Rooster, ‘Fireline Hoe down’Highlight Parade

1The parade for the 63rd Rogue River Rooster Crow featured the usual display of colorful floats, beautiful dancers and skilled horsemanship, along with a few new wrinkles. Along with the usual fastcars (Corvettes), there were fast boats, in the form of the hydroplane boats of Cal Ore River Racers, who competed on the Rogue River for their first race in years. It featured a hoe down, aliteral one, as young firefighters representing the Rogue River Fire Department acted out their skills at creating a fireline. The Evans Valley Fire Department took that a step further, acting out their work to Sam Cooke's "Working on the Chain Gang". While the shower that used to come from the jet of water from the RRFD's firehoses, which might have (Subscribe for full story)


Rookie Roosters Place First and Second

2When the 2015 Rogue River Rooster Crow contest occurred, Buttercup, a light-brown-colored Americana rooster hadn't even been hatched. He showed signs of being a prodigy at the 2016 Rooster Crow, crowing 31 times to winthe national championship competition on Sat., June 25. Buttercup rested on his back in the arms of co-owner Scott McFarland following his victory, earning the $150 top prize for his 25 minutes' work. His 31 crows is the lowest number of crows in the contest since Winchester's 30 in 2006.The field was given only 25 minutes, rather than the traditional half-hour. Second-place finisher (Subscribe for full story)




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