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Respected Local Businessman Dave Thomas Dies

Long-time Rogue River resident and business owner Dave Thomas, 92, passed away on Jan. 15. “It was very peaceful. Dad was home and we, the family, were with him,”said his son, Dave Jr. “He was very happy that we were all together.” Dave Jr. said that his father had always loved the Rogue Valley especially the town of Rogue River. “Dad discovered this area as he was hitchhiking through,” his son recalled. “It was 1939 and one of his brothers had just purchased a car in Los Angeles. So, Dad hitched his way south, and along the way (Subscribe for full story)


Gold Hill Looks at Law Enforcement Options

Nearly 50 people filled the Gold Hill City Hall on Jan. 14 to discuss options on how the community can fund law enforcement presence. Newly sworn-in Sheriff Corey Falls was on hand as well, as well as Community Service Officers (CSO) Gerry Conley and David Miles. For some time now, Gold Hill hasn’t had its own police department. And, given liability issues and budget, it’s highly unlikely it will have an-other one again, city manager Rick Hohnbaum said. Gold Hill’s only other recourse is to contract with theJackson County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO) – which, now, isvery expensive. At an earlier (Subscribe for full story)


CPSD Immersion Program Classroom on Display

Faculty at Jewett Elementary School had opportunity to show the Central Point School Board how it serves the number of primarily Spanish-speaking students at the board's Jan. 15 meeting. Last year, Jewett received one of eight Two-Way Immersion (TWI) grants from the Oregon Department of Education, and this year, the grant funds are being implemented through instruction in a kindergarten class and a first grade class each composed of a 50-50 mix of English and Spanish speaking students. Jewett principal Tom Rambo said the majority of the teaching in those classes is done in Spanish. Jewett's two immersion program teachers, Tristan (Subscribe for full story)






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